Saturday, January 31, 2009

Could the PGA Tour have a new Phil?

The PGA Tour Could Have a New Phil If Dreams Come True
Bundy Draws Inspiration to Pursue His Dream from His Son

The road to the PGA Tour has been a path for many that has been littered with shattered dreams, broken relationships, bank accounts with insufficient funds and golf scores that often reflect an individuals self worth.

This is not the case for Phil Bundy. He chose the route that led him away from tournament golf for various reasons and to travel the road more familiar to many people, that is until his 43rd birthday when he decided that it was time to begin his quest to show his son to always follow your dreams and follow your true passion.

Bundy began golfing at the age of 9 and found an immediate love and skill for the game. As a junior golf champion, he competed in tournaments across the country. After starting his high school golf team, he won the 1984 Maryland State High School Championship by 10 strokes—a record margin of victory.

At Wake Forest University, he practiced under legendary golf coach Jesse Haddock and was a member of the 1986 NCAA Championship Team that included veteran PGA Tour players Billy Andrade and Len Mattiace.

“After college, instead of trying to qualify for the PGA Tour like my teammates, I earned an MBA at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland,” he says. “I started a golf marketing and management business at the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship and over the past 17 years, I’ve played many roles in the golf industry, including golf instructor, course manager, tournament director, agent, manufacturer, distributor, marketer,
and publicist.”

Along that road Bundy met his wife Donna in 1991 after she called to volunteer for Children’s Favorite Things, a holiday charity that Bundy had started. “We fell in love the moment we laid eyes on each other and immediately became soul mates.” Along the way Bundy had a son Charlie who not only has helped define his life but has given him the inspiration to pursue his life long dream.

But even after being away from serious competition for two decades, Bundy couldn’t stay away from the temptations that competitive golf brings and subsequently won the NGT Virginia Beach Open in August 2007 and the NGT Capital Series Championship in September 2007 on the National Golf Tour. The Virginia Beach tournament was his first professional victory.

With those victories in is pocket came a renewed spirit that perhaps awakened a dream of the past and a son that inspired him to be the father he always envisioned himself to be, Bundy recalls the day he decided it was time to live his life long dream;
“On my 40th birthday, I took Charlie to the golf course. Watching his joy as he ran across the fairway, my life-long love with golf flashed before my eyes. I wondered what I would say when he asks why I never tried to play the Tour. At that moment, I realized that I had to awaken my sleeping dream. I hope my quest to play on the PGA Tour will inspire Charlie to always pursue his dreams.”
Charlie is Bundy’s pride and joy and the inspiration for his quest to play on the PGA Tour. Below Phil tells the story lead up to how Charlie became his inspiration:
“When he was 9 months old, I introduced him to golf with a set of plastic golf clubs. While sitting-up, my little guy started whacking plastic golf balls, demonstrating strong eye-hand coordination. Once he was on foot and walking, balls littered the master bedroom, which had become Charlie’s indoor range. Every morning before heading to preschool, he enjoyed hitting a bucket of balls from one end of the room to the other.
Soon, he wanted to accompany me to the golf course, where we’ve developed a routine. Learning about etiquette and camaraderie, we first say hi to the pro in the golf shop. Then, we head to the driving range, where Charlie gets busy setting-up a practice station with his clubs, balls, and tees. He announces, “I’m going to use my boomer’” as he pulls the driver out of his bag. We alternate swings in order to slow down the rapid fire of his ammo.
Next, we spend time at the chipping and putting greens. I can actually work on my short game as my junior golfer is happy to work his way around the holes, yelling out a loud “Yes!” whenever he sinks a putt of any distance.
If we have time, we play a few holes. Charlie hits shots from the fairway and putts on the green. In the golf cart, he commands, “Dad, don’t drive too fast around the turn.” While I steer the wheel, he sits close and holds onto me for dear life.

At the end of our visit, we share a lemonade and snack in the clubhouse as he writes names and numbers on the scorecard. Somehow, he always wins and says, “Let’s show Mom.””

As parents we often feel that it is our obligation to be the mentor, the teacher, and the disciplinarian, we are all too often filled with preconceptions of the world and the people we come in touch with, the irony here is that the true teachers can be our children, you know the ones where dreams are still alive, where innocents is abound and the preconceptions have not been formed yet. It is a gift to have children, and yes we can learn from and grow together.

Blueprintgolf wishes you much success in your quest to the PGA Tour. Remember success is not always measured by the trophy you raise or the thickness of your wallet, true success is measured by what you gained along your travels!

I look forward to watching you travel the road to the PGA Tour and with good fortune having your name alongside with the other Phil.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Beginning the Foundation

One of the greatest gifts that you can give your child is your time. Unfortunately, today's households we have two working parents who are both under the pressure to perform and we often take those stresses home with us. As a result we end up missing out on valuable time spending with our kids. Rule #1 - Stay in the moment!!!!! Monkey see, monkey do...your kids pick up on this, they see that you are not paying attention to them and unfortunately you are imprinting your childs future behaviors. Interestingly enough staying in the moment is perhaps one of the greatest assets a golfer can have...

Make an effort to spend every night reading to your children. My wife and I have switched between our two kids for the last six years, and they love it. The time spents is well worth its weight in gold.

Back in 2003 I was at Olmypia Fields outside of Chicago for the Unites States Open where I met Susan Greene who has authored a number of childrens golf books (Consider if Golf, Count on Golf & The ABC's of Golf) Reading these books can begin to build a strong foundation for learning, but also a strong foundation for the game of golf.

Try it, your kids will love it, and with a little luck start to learn golf:-)

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